Wednesday, November 02, 2005

UC's Foley tours Emergency Operations Center

From the LANL NewsBulletin.

November 2, 2005

University of California Vice President for Laboratory Management Bob Foley, right, asks a question during a briefing at the Laboratory's Emergency Operations Center on Tuesday. Foley was briefed on the new EOC at Technical Area 69 by Beverly Ramsey, acting director of the Emergency Operations Office (ADSFO-EOO). Foley also heard reports about Laboratory hazardous materials operations and toured Los Alamos' hazmat training facility at TA-49. Foley is scheduled to observe an EOC drill this morning. At left is Denny Erickson of the associate director for weapons physics (ADWP) program.

(Photo Credit: LeRoy N. Sanchez, Public Affairs)

Ah, yes, the beloved "Sly" Foley. The same Foley who refuses to address any of the wrong that UC has done regarding Todd Kauppila's's firing and subsequent death.

Mr. "Show me a business case for an alternate work schedule" Foley.

He has a lot of nerve showing his face around here again after his shameful performance at Kuckuck's initial all-hand's meeting the last time.
The other "shameful" part of this pic is the two dummies standing next to Foley. Two really incompetent former Division Leaders, Bev and Denny. Bev makes $189.6k, Dennis $195.6k. Part of the Lab program to pay for (non) performance. Hopefully they, and others like them, will be absent from LANL soon, whoever gets the contract. Denny, who really messed up the ESH Division, is a poster child for Lab problems.
This lucky fellow sounds like a very angry person. Not the the points he brings up aren't valid, but he sounds like somebody just a few psi short of a popped gasket.
Interesting point CS101. A lot of people I speak to nowadays no longer seem to care much about many of the things that angered them in the past about LANL. Their view seems to be LANL isn't worth it. Many at the lower levels have become apathetic, and more than a few believe there will be no real change in their workday life regardless of who wins the contract.
Foley still pisses me off.
I worked for Martin Marrietta many years ago. Martin was well managed and didn't protect deadwood. I think there's hope that they'll do the same here, but it may take a couple of years. On the other hand, they're an engineering company, so they may not put up with the LANL prima-donnas either.
I think that they made a mistake in the names in the caption. It should read: Curley, Larry, and Moe.
That Foley is a real piece of work. It pisses me off that the 3 stooges in the picture are still around. And then there is Denny and Bev who should have been canned for non performance years sgo still pulling down a huge salary. With this kind of crap going on no wonder everyone thinks we are overpaid. But its not really "we". Its the managers that smooze, kiss ass, go on ego trips in meetings and really contribute nothing to the bottom line.
So that begs the question 'damatter'you': Do you, or anyone else, think (not hope) that the two LANL employees pictured above will be terminated, or be demoted and/or have their salary reduced when the new contractor takes over?
but why defame the Three Stooges?
One does have to wonder why UC continues to go through the motions of pretending to care. Not only that, but after the massive balls-up Foley made at his last performance here at LANL to then send him back out for a stupid photo-op; exactly who does UC think they are fooling?
I think ya'll are being too hard on Denny; he is a standup guy trying to work in a broken system. The biggest mistake I've seen him make is getting in that picture. In Foley's case you are being too hard on the Stooges. They at least knew they were a comedy act. - Scott
My one experience with Denny was positive. Remember when I asked Dynes/Kuckuck/Cobb if there was something UC could do to help out Todd Kauppila's family? It was at Kuckuck's first "all hands" meeting where he was introduced to us by Dynes.

Before the meeting Denny helped me word the question to in such a way that UC would not be left with but one choice of saying "No!"

That answer did come later from Foley, however, when someone else in the audience ask if the Kauppila case could be reopened.

"No!", was Foley's now famous response.

Just trying to insert some data into all the opinions. Sorry! And my "gaskets" are fine, just had them checked.
Bev and Denny are very nice folks when you meet them, as I have. They just aren't competent managers and shouldn't be drawing the huge salaries which they command as ex managers. LANL policies, unlike UC's, forbid reducing the salaries of ex managers, thus they get recycled.
I don't argue that they are the worst, they aren't. They are too typical.
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