Saturday, November 12, 2005

UC piling extra cash on top of pay

8,500 top staffers pulling down at least $20,000 each in bonuses, compensation

Tanya Schevitz and Todd Wallack, Chronicle Staff Writers
Sunday, November 13, 2005


"-- Housing/car allowances -- When Lynn Boland became acting human resources director at Los Alamos National Laboratory last year, UC gave her $83,383 to cover her rent, car lease and other living expenses. That was on top of her $161,000 in salary and other cash compensation. A UC spokesman said Boland was reimbursed for "taxable out-of-pocket expenses." Like other major university systems, UC generally gives senior employees auto allowances, currently totaling $8,916 per year."


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This is scandalous. I think that I need to blow my whistle.
Blow away, Tom (if you are still able).
Scandalous, indeed.

$83,383! That's more than my annual salary.
I agree, Tshrige. It is too bad that the real Tom Hook was such a lying sleaze, but kudos to the SF Chronicle for bringing this particular bit of UC corruption to light.
I remember when I came to LANL about 10 years ago, they were strict as hell about my moving expenses and local lodging, etc.

I guess that in these matters we are all equal except that people like Lynn Boland are more equal than the rest of us.

I can't wait for LM/UT!
And who believes that LA/UT won't, or isn't already, offering similar perks? It's commonplace. And, with the corporate mentality that's coming to town it will become even more common.
What type of reimbursement did UC dole out to Admiral Butthead
when he left this place in disgrace? I'll bet it was a real
whopper! Hey, "WestPointer", is that you, GN?
Sorry to disappoint you "good2go" "GN" was an Admiral...Navy....Annapolis. You must be USAFA?
The mail room keeps screwing up and sending me Lynn Boland's mail. Maybe they'll screw up and send me her paycheck too. :-)
And then UC in cahoots with DOE and NNSA give us a crappy, measley 2.5% salary increase. Wake up. Inflation was 5% last year. Our purchasing power has dropped 4.5% and counting since 3 years ago. Nice to see the fat cats making all this extra money on top of there already huge salaries. Once again the screw the ones that need it the most. They are just a bunch of greedy bastards.
Wasn't this the woman who didn't know the answers to the simplest questions posed before we returned to 9/80s?
Well, I for one feel much better about my 2.2% raise, now that I know Mz. Boland got an extra $83K to cover her rent and car expenses, on top of her nice, fat $161,000 salary.

Way to prioritize the important issues, UC.

HR is poorly run, BTW. We should have gotten more for our $244,000.
This is probably the same deal (almost, except the car) that all employees get when they are on change of station. If you go to Washington, the lab pays you extra "subsistence" to cover renting an apartment, and moving expenses.
" This is probably the same deal (almost, except the car) that all employees get when they are on change of station."

Uh, no, llc001. It's not. Not even close. Not even in the same ballpark.
Sorry, Finknottle. I was there. I got it a couple of years ago. It is linked to the federal per-diem (55% of it, daily). Moving expenses are separate.
Don't worry. Rumor has it that UC has screwed this particular LANL pooch for the last time. Expect the announcement on the 17th or 18th (this Thursday or Friday) that the Los Alamos Alliance has won the contract.
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Clearly, many more need to go on COS. Be smart about it though like the people I know who have done it. They went the last year or two before they retired and sold their house in LA before they left. Came back for a month to do the retirement paperwork and went from there. Best move those people ever made.
llc001, you got yourself $83K for a car and rent? On top of your salary? Did you also get a one-time relocation allowance and a low-interest loan to buy a new house? How about round-trip airline tickets for you and your family to to go house-hunting? A bonus?

Look at the whole picture here: UC is throwing money at upper management, but look at what upper management is providing in return. At LANL, there was George P. Nanos, Lynn Boland, and a whole host of other underperformers. At UC there's Dynes himself, and Foley. It is past time for some accountability.
If you check the regulations with Sher Robinson in LANL/SUP, you will find that you get an increment of above 60K. Most of it went to pay for my apartment in Washington (after tax). So I didn't get rich on it!

You can't ask someone to come to Los Alamos and then have them lose money by expecting them to pay for a house.

83K sounds high, but not by that much, if you rent a house in Los Alamos, in addition to the one you are maintaining back home.
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I agree with the general thread of llc001 and wespointer.

These stories are good in that they make folks realize there are some real smart people out there watching out for their own financial self-interest and capitalizing on whatever bargaining power their skills or position afford them. No laws broken here.

On the flipside, if one's skills or position do not command a premium, then one's ability to bargain is more limited. Perhaps join a union in that case and hope for the best. Maybe it works out fine, maybe it turns out like it did for the workers at Delta Airlines, United, Northwest, Delphi Automotive, etc. Point is, there are no guarantees.

As far as getting upset at UC for paying these amounts, if LM/UT wins it will no longer be the concern of anyone at LANL, will it?

I doubt you will hear any of these type stories about LM/UT because they are not required to make them public knowledge, as UC was obviously not either. In that vein, anyone found a publicly available list of Sandia salaries?

It's showtime, folks. Like it or not, we are all going to find out how we fit into the next phase of LANL's history.
A TDY assignment with subsistence is probably justified at the level of Laboratory Director, but not at the level of a Division Director of a support division such as HR. There must have been somebody in HR who could have taken on an Acting DL role until LM/UT wins the contract. I think that paying Boland this kind of money is waste, fraud, and abuse, more evidence that UC just does not get it!
darthman, there isn't much talent in HR, plus UC had to have control over the spin as we enter the new contract.
Recently, HR had some people with change experience come in to talk and Boland instructed them to tone it down because "we" (lab employees) couldn't handle the truth about change.
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