Thursday, November 10, 2005


To/MS: All Employees
From/MS: Robert W. Kuckuck, A100
Phone/Fax: 7-5101/7-2997
Symbol: DIR-05-395
Date: November 10, 2005


During my all-hands talk in October, I mentioned the importance of
providing Laboratory employees with timely, accurate information
and continuous communication during the upcoming contract
transition process. Updating employees and their families
regarding the elements of the transition on a regular basis and
offering a reliable official resource for such information will
alleviate much of the uncertainly many of you may be experiencing
in this time of change. With these objectives in mind, I am
excited to let you know about today’s launch of the Lab’s new
transition web site — a communications portal designed to act as a
fluid conduit for up-to-date information on the new contract

Accessible via the Laboratory’s internal home page, external web
site and the Daily NewsBulletin, the site was designed to be
employees’ primary tool to obtain information on the transition
process. It is both convenient and easily reached, offering a
forum for the dissemination of continuous information and the
opportunity for employees to maintain dialogue with contract
management by submitting questions online. Some of the sections
offered on the transition site include:

* Transition resources – project team and implementation
schedule information
* Links to news articles pertaining to the contract
* Lab announcements regarding new contract information
* UC and LANL employee resources
* A question and answer feature

All the above tools will serve to enhance individuals’ knowledge
of the transition process and general state of the Laboratory.
And, I know you will find the question and answer section
especially useful as it allows employees to submit a question to
the transition team through the site as well as view responses to
similar questions submitted by their colleagues.

As we go through this process, keep in mind the statement made by
President Dynes in his September 26. 2005, letter to Lab Employees
— “Whether the Department of Energy chooses the LANS, LLC team, or
another competitor, the University [of California] will work with
you, the future contractor, and the Department of Energy to ensure
as seamless a transition as possible with minimal impact to you,
your families, and the work at the Laboratory.”

I sincerely encourage employees to visit the transition site at to become familiar with its
features. I also encourage you to utilize the public site at In my opinion, open communication
and information sharing, facilitated in part by the regular use of
this site as a resource, will contribute to the foundation of the
transition’s success.

Call me cynical, but the public version of the new web site seems particularly void of content. Under the "LANL Transition in the News" section, for example, there were references to two old newspaper articles:

LANL Transition in the News

2005 Stories

* 07/20/2005 - Lab-management contenders submit bids (The New Mexican)
* 07/19/2005 - LANL contract bids are in (Los Alamos Monitor)

Each section of the public page sports the now-famous self-aggrandizing claim:

Los Alamos National Laboratory
The World's Greatest Science Protecting America

I hope the LANL internal version of this page has some actual content, because the external one does not.
Those LANL Transition web sites need to add this link, if they really want to be providing the most current transition information:
the usual no news no content site.... looked more like a recruiting site with lots of LANL PR crap and graphics of teenagers "doing science."
Especially nice is the Q & A feature. Presumably this will be edited, for political correctness, by the same folks who won't print critical letters in the Newsbulletin.
As a previous blogger noted; a link to this blog site would be useful, so that a little reality could be available for those who care.
Might as well start thinking of questions to ask. Since we are going to a more business-based model, some easy ones come to mind: What is the estimated impact of the award fee, GRT, pension contribution, etc. on the Lab's G&A rate for the last 1/3 of FY06? Increase of 0%, 1%, 5%, 10%, more? Has anyone in CFO even taken a stab at this estimate? Any potential impact on DOE programs and WFO? DOE/NNSA picking up the tab and sending extra funds? It's not physics folks, and it doesn't need supercomputer time.
Did anyone else think those kids in the school bus looked like they were trying to escape from it?
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