Friday, November 18, 2005

A resounding silence

Submitted by "Roderick Spode":

There is a resounding silence as members of the two competing bid teams, LANL management and a few staff members collectively hold their breath, waiting to see if there will be an early announcement today. Our old buddy, Bob Foley has confidently stated that there will not be an early announcement, so maybe there will be. His batting record is down around 50, as far as LANL goes. NNSA's Stotts carefully indicated that the announcement date would be "around" December 1, which left him a bit of wiggle room, should they decide to announce early. I took a quick glance at the blog this morning and noticed that the hit rate is way up: apparently lots of people are checking in for news of an announcement. Chill, folks. The announcement is coming, today or 12 days from now. What difference could that 12 days possibly make?

Roderick Spode.

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