Sunday, November 06, 2005

Q & A on UT's proposal to jointly run Los Alamos lab

UT-Lockheed Martin would share up to $79 million a year for seven years

By Ralph K.M. Haurwitz


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Mark Yudof and C. Paul Robinson are of one mind when it comes to the future of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

They believe the nuclear weapons lab in New Mexico should be operated by an academic-industrial partnership, and their joint proposal to the federal government calls for just that.


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"I view us as the sort of impartial scientific arbiters
of all this, the Good Housekeeping Seal, the independent
peer evaluation....

We can bring the very best people in to assist the lab and
to give them advice on what to pursue and so forth. We will
help them mentor employees at the lab. We will help them recruit
employees. We will try to reconnect them — I think they are
isolated at the moment from the national science and engineering
community. We will try to help arrange for them to attend
professional meetings and present papers."

__________ UT Chancellor Yudof _________


Up until today, I was having warm, fuzzy feelings about a
possible LM/UT win of the RFP. Chancellor Yudof's comments
in this article just killed all those good feelings. Is it
theoretically possible that UT Chancellor Yudof could be
even more clueless about LANL that UC's Dynes and Parksy?

Yes, Chancellor Yudof, we can't wait to start attending
professional meetings and begin presenting papers. Only
thing is, if you were better informed, you would know that
LANL already presents lots of papers and attends lots of
those professional meetings you talk about.

Geeze, Louise! Just who are these barbarians who plan on
plowing through our front gates next June 1st? Are they
really that ill informed about Los Alamos?
As good2go speculates, the quoted bit of "wisdom" from Chancellor Yudof does distinctly open the door to the possibility that UT is presently even more clueless about the realities of life at LANL than Dynes was. I also lost a few degrees of warmth regarding the LM/UT collaboration after reading the interview. About the last thing we need at LANL is another distant, clueless, egotistical, arrogant asshole pretending to know what is best for Los Alamos.
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