Thursday, November 17, 2005

Potential LANL chief wants to nurture new scientists

By Andy Lenderman The New Mexican |
November 17, 2005

Science and research will be the core mission at Los Alamos National Laboratory if the University of California and Bechtel National team wins the competition for a management contract, a team leader said in a recent interview.

Officials at the university, which has been sole manager of the federal weapons laboratory since its inception in 1943, recognized they needed help from private companies when preparing to bid for the contract, a university regent said.

“We think this is the right approach,” said Michael Anastasio , the proposed new director of Los Alamos if the UC-Bechtel team wins. “We think it’s an approach that is compatible with great science, enables great science.”


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Hmmm. Maybe the decline mentioned in the article explains why more than 50% of LANL's new hires in FY05 (as of 7/31/05 latest data on web!) had no degree?
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