Sunday, November 27, 2005

Note to New Mexico: these are not people you want to chase out of state!

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I'm well aware that google is hiring -- I am doing a fair amount of work with those guys.

Don't think you can get hired at google just because you are good at CS. I know very smart people who have not made it through the interview process. Yeah, they're hiring like crazy, I see the 'new employee signup' lines are quite long. They still don't just take anyone, however. Their hiring pool is the world. So you have a pool that is somewhat larger than LANL is willing to look at. Google is not (yet) at the point of compromising quality for quantity.

And yes, like most of you, I've had offers, just not offers that have made me interested in leaving -- yet. Lotsa jobs out there, but not lotsa jobs that let me do the work I'm doing now. I've been able to do things here at LANL that I could have done few other places.

What I'm more interested in is this: we hear people are leaving. Where are they going? I think they're going to some pretty neat places. It would be interesting to have a headline on the web page, with a "where are they now" section. My list was a start.

Since the salary report just came out in the papers, I also expect to see people complaining about how much more LANL employees earn than NM average. Guess what, folks -- in most cases, when they leave, it's for a bigger paycheck! Good people can leave LANL any time they want, and earn more to boot. In fact, good people can make a phone call and have a new job in 15 minutes, in many cases. Note to New Mexico: these are not people you want to chase out of state!


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Doug is right! There are plenty of jobs, but the price is often living in the DC area, or somewhere else that isn't as friendly as the "Great Southwest". I'll stick it out here, because this part of the U.S. is just a great place to be!
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