Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A month from yesterday

Submitted by Roderick Spode:

We now have 29 days before the new contractor is announced. If one had to pick a single word to describe the general mood at LANL, that word might be "resigned". An era has nearly come to an end. A very unpleasant, unnecessarily contentious end. UC really dropped the ball this past year, or, according to many who have voiced their opinions on this blog, for the last 20 years. Some say that it is a shame, others say "throw the bums out", but regardless, the University of California will no longer be running LANL as of July, 2006. And, no matter which of the two competing LLCs is selected as the next contractor, it will never be the same up here on the Hill.

The general opinion seems to be that UC President Dynes and his LANL operations manager Bob Foley allowed so much collateral damage to be done by their chosen LANL director, Nanos, that the LANS LLC has very little chance of being selected. Dynes and Foley waited a full 10 months before interceding in any noticeable way after Nanos shut down the entire laboratory. LANS, as a result, appears to be hopelessly poisoned by its UC association.

Me, I'm one of the ones who will be saying "Good riddance!" to UC, Dynes, and Foley on that happy day next month, if the LAA LLC is awarded the contract.

Roderick Spode

Hard to argue with Rod; however, I caution one and all that there may be no "happy day next month," no matter what the "decision" on the LANL contract is.

We at LANL may never again be singing that good ol' song "Happy Days Are Here Again."

Many seem to feel that it might be awhile before the morale at LANL improves. Their feelings stem in part from what they perceive as the increasing noise level about funding coverage issues.
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