Thursday, November 17, 2005

Los Alamos contract to be decided soon

LOS ALAMOS, NM, United States (UPI) -- The fate of U.S. nuclear exploration is waiting on the Department of Energy to decide who will get a contract to operate Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Los Alamos has been run by the University of California since the lab`s inception in 1943, but a series of embarrassing missteps have forced the contract with UC to be opened up for a bid, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.


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So, the intrepid journalist gets one out of three right, which isn't too bad these days, given the sloppiness of most of those who claim to be investigative reporters:

"The contract was opened up this year after half a decade of problems with UC, like under-trained employees, overly aggressive bosses and mismanagement of national secrets."

Now, can you guess which of these three things is true? (Hint: From the classic movie, "A Fish Called Wanda"--"What was the middle thing?")
Did anyone notice that the author of the Science News article is not listed?

When you are wrong, it is best to be anonymous!
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