Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The latest list of the fastest 500 supercomputers

The latest list of the fastest 500 supercomputers has just been
(http://www.top500.org/lists/2005/11/basic) It does not seem to bode
well for the state of supercomputing at LANL. Is there some "new iron"
in the pipeline for LANL or is ASCI Q it?

_________________________ LLNL___SNL___ORNL___LANL
Top System Rank____________1_____5_____10______18
Systems in top 20___________4_____2______2_______1
Systems in top 100__________9_____2______2_______2

Jim Amann - LANL Retired

Just a note for those at LANL who favor Bechtel/UC over LockMart/UT (or vice versa) for the contract re-bid:

It doesn't seem to matter that both Livermore and Los Alamos are run by UC; Livermore runs away with the honors. And Sandia (run by LockMart) also comes in way ahead of Los Alamos.

I guess we'll find out who won the re-bid competition this Friday...
John Fleck, Science reporter for the Albquerque Journal sent in this comment:
Doug - Feel free to post from me if you see fit. On the top 500 post,
Jim asks about "new iron" in the pipeline. From the Final FY06
conference report, approved last week:

"The conferees provide $35,000,000 to Los Alamos National Laboratory to
acquire additional computing capacity."

John Fleck
science writer, Albuquerque Journal
jfleck@abqjournal.com (w)
jfleck@inkstain.net (h)
(505) 823-3916 (w)
(505) 264-0976 (personal cell phone)
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