Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Event To Protest UC-Lab Alliance

While the fate of the University of California’s contract with the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) remains undecided, students opposing the UC’s role in the lab will host “The University’s Role In War and Peace” presentation tonight in the MultiCultural Center Theater at 7.

The free event includes a four-scene original play titled, “I Went to the University of California and All I Got Was This Stupid Thermo-Nuclear Weapon,” and features interpretive dances, as well as a dramatization of a UC Regents meeting.

Will Parish, one of the event’s organizers and a coordinator for the UC Nuclear Free campaign at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in Santa Barbara, said fellow activists will wear nuclear warhead costumes today in the Arbor as advertisement for tonight’s event. He said the group is also hosting a rally against UC lab management tomorrow in Storke Plaza at noon.


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Parish said he thinks the UC presents a false image of its lab management.

“The UC is like a benevolent absentee landlord,” he said. “It gives this illusion that it provides oversight.”

They at least got this partially correct. For complete accuracy, it should have read "malevolent" instead of benevolent, however.
The regents should listen to their students and back out of the LANL business. With men like Nanos, Foley, and Dynes, they are truly scum and we'll be glad to be rid of them.

Remember Tod Kauppila!
When I went to school...

It was for the purpose of LEARNING stuff.

What makes these young whippersnappers think they know enough about anything that they should try to influence University policy on this...?
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