Monday, November 14, 2005

An email that President Dynes sent to all UC employees today

Doug, I'm sure others will send you this, but here's an email that President
Dynes sent to all UC employees today.


Dear Colleague:
In the coming days, the University of California is likely to see renewed
focus on its compensation policies. The attention is being driven on two

As I noted in my message to you last week, the Board of Regents will meet
this week to consider RE-61, which proposes that UC achieve
market-competitive salaries for all University employees in the coming
years. It also seeks to enhance the Regents' oversight of compensation
issues in some important ways.

The San Francisco Chronicle over the last two days has published stories
about how employees, especially more highly paid employees, are compensated
at UC. While the Chronicle omitted or mis-characterized some important
facts, the stories also point out the need for us to consider whether we
need to improve some of our public disclosure policies and internal

As employees read about and discuss the issues raised by these two events,
it is important that everyone understand the broader context of the higher
education market within which we operate. To this end, we have constructed a
Website that provides a more complete explanation of these issues, as well
as our responses to the Chronicle stories.

The address for the Website is

I hope our information on the Website is useful and, as always, thank you
for your ongoing dedication to the University.


Robert C. Dynes

As usual UC chooses to take care of management employees and screw everyone else. We have certainly seen this trend at Los Alamos for the past few years, especially this year when inflation outpaced increases. Now they are going to have a study. What a bunch of morons. You don't need another god damn study. Lower paid employees are getting screwed period. Wake up.
What LANL really needs is an organization of employees that looks after working conditions, in the most general sense. In earlier days (the Middle Ages), it was called a "guild." At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, it was called a "union." We are now in the 21st century, and neither of these names seems to resonate well. But, dang it, the need is there, nevertheless.
Don't know what the answer is but if you look at the unions ala UPTE that represents lots of employees at UC in California their track record is crap. Non management employees have been getting squat for the past few years. Most people at lanl are just hunkered down and keeping a low profile, not speaking up and scared as hell about keeping their jobs. Most are just happy to have a job. Bunch of damn wimps. I think they have us just where they want us. Its all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors while we all get the shaft.
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