Wednesday, November 23, 2005

DOE won't meet deadline to announce Los Alamos contract winner

Associated Press

The Energy Department said Wednesday that it won't meet the Dec. 1 deadline to announce a winner of the contract to manage Los Alamos National Laboratory.

According to a posting on the National Nuclear Safety Administration's Web site, the leader of the contract selection board asked for more time to complete its report.

The official "does not anticipate a significant delay in the selection decision," according to the NNSA, a semi-autonomous agency that's part of the DOE. No new deadline was announced.


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This is really no suprise to anyone, Is it? The turkeys should forget the turkey and burn the midnight oil to get the decision and announcment out by 1 Dec as promised.
"Michael Anastasio, who leads the University of California group, said he thought the government should take as much time as it needs.

"We look forward to that decision whenever they will make it," he said. "So we wait."


That's because this clown hopes that Bechtel gets the contract and therefore he gets a yearly salary of 1.3 million. It's all about him. I hope Lockheed gets it and some real change is made at both labs.
who cares about the report that will not be made public anyway? why don't they just make the damned announcement? stupid federal morons live in their own little world, and they should be held to deadlines.....
DOE can't announce yet because they haven't been told the answer.. Senator Domenici, who supports UC, and Representative Hobson, who despises UC haven't resolved it yet. Same players with the RFP. Pete insisted that the bid "must not discriminate" against the current contractor, UC. This meant the UC must agree that the RFP was something they would bid on; which allowed them to dictate a lot of the RFP's key features. The RFP was then such a slanted POS that no one but UC would bid it. Hobson intervened, and insisted that there couldn't be a "competition" with only one bidder. This led to the major revisions of the RFP, though it was still so slanted that only LM/Sandia (an insider) bid.

This "non political" competition is nothing but politics. Left to their own resources DOE would go with LM/Sandia, but they won't get to make the decision. No surprise there.

I hope Hobson wins this one, but its a tough call. Hobson has a plan for the future of the weapons complex, Domenici simply wants pork. Domenici loaded up the DOE piece of the Energy Appropriations bill, just passed, with $450 million in pure pork, splattered around with a shot gun, so he has lot of favors due him. He's good at this game. Too bad he doesn't care about bringing the best management possible to LANL, and serving the interests of the nation. Sometimes our "democracy" makes me shake my head.
Oh, yes, "lucky", we'll all be love'n it when Congressman Hobson is made
Lord of Los Alamos. Are you completely nuts? You seem to be looking
forward to some harsh punishment for LANL. That's a bit sick, in my
opinion. Perhaps you work for DOE?
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