Tuesday, November 08, 2005

DOE funding hammered out

ROGER SNODGRASS, roger@lamonitor.com, Monitor Assistant Editor

House and Senate conferees split the $1.5 billion difference between their respective energy and water appropriations bills, they reported Monday. The House went up $748 million to reach agreement on the $30.5 billion measure; the Senate came down $750 million.

"There were significant differences between the House and Senate on this bill, but I believe we have come up with a package that will maintain key lab missions without personnel or facility disruptions," said Sen. Pete Domenici, R-NM, chairman of the Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee.

"I want to be clear that our increased investments in science, nonproliferation, nuclear energy and the like will keep our labs strong. And when you consider the Homeland Security funding going to our labs, we are in good shape," he said.

The House-passed cuts and Senate-approved increases revealed fundamental differences in the two bodies' approaches to funding the Department of Energy, which was cut by $179 million overall to reach the $24.3 billion recommended.


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I am saddened to see that NIF got full funding. Another $143 miilion dollars down the poop shoot for nothing. I thought Bodman was going to put an end to this BS. I only hope that the dust has not settled yet.

Get in line, Mr. "Bend Over Here It Comes Again"...

You get NIF, LANL gets Pu pit production. Which would you rather have?
I'd vote for the Pit facility at LANL. At least they will make something that works and falls in line with a scheduled maintenance program for all in field devices, which is exactly the approach that should have been taken directly after testing was stopped. All this other crap called stockpile stewardship is garbage and will be found to be unnecessary and we have to many people riding the gravy train.
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