Monday, November 07, 2005

Decision Looms on Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Contract

By Jennifer Talhelm/
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The government office overseeing the nation's nuclear weapons complex is nearing its Dec. 1 deadline to decide which of two teams will get the $79 million-a-year contract to manage Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The contenders include a group headed by the University of California — which has managed the lab since it was created during World War II — and Bechtel Corp., and another team comprised of Lockheed Martin and the University of Texas.

As they await the decision, both teams are rushing to make sure everything's ready in case they win.

"Things are very hectic here,'' said Don Carson, a spokesman for the UT/Lockheed group. "Everybody's trying to make sure we've dotted all the 'I's' and crossed all the 'T's' to make sure we've done all the things we need to do.''

Both teams submitted their bids in July, then gave oral presentations in August. So far, neither has been called back to answer more questions.


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Anyone notice that in this article they only interview the UT/Lockheed team?
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