Friday, November 18, 2005

Decision approaching on Los Alamos

By Michelle Locke
Associated Press

November 18, 2005

BERKELEY, Calif. - A decision on who will run the Los Alamos National Laboratory probably won't be announced before Dec. 1, University of California Vice President Robert Foley said Thursday.

Rumors have been swirling that an announcement is imminent, but Foley told UC's governing Board of Regents he's not expecting that to happen soon.

In Albuquerque, National Nuclear Security Administration spokesman Al Stotts agreed there would be no announcement before Dec. 1.

He said the Source Evaluation Board was still preparing a report analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each team bidding on the contract.

The report will then be sent to the acting deputy administrator for defense programs at the NNSA, Thomas D'Agostino, who will pick the winner, Stotts said.


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I find it amusing that both Dynes and Foley felt it important to express their opinions on when the contract would or wouldn't be announced, whereas the LAA team apparently felt no such compunction.

It isn't up to them, Thomas D'Agostino will be making the call.
Dynes and Foley were asked the question in an open public session of the UC Board of Regents meeting by their bosses, the UC Regents. And they gave a reasonable answer - We don't know. I'll presume that C. Paul Robinson would give a similar "I don't know" response if asked by his bosses on the Lockheed Martin Board of Directors... although since they meet in closed sessions with no reporters around, we'll probably never know for sure...
Interesting that the credible source for contract information is this blog, and not a UC PR flack. Look at the hits graph. It tells you a lot about UC's credibility.
So what was with the moralizing about nuclear weapons snuck in at the end of the story? What did that have to do with the timeline for announcing the winner?

Can't they just report the news?
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