Saturday, November 19, 2005

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[Well said, Lucky. --Doug]

So, why is paying the GRT a bad thing? Failure to pay it seems to be subsidy to the Federal Government by one of the poorest states. If not for heavy LANL lobbying (illegal by the way) of the state legislature, the GRT would have been collected a long time ago. Sandia pays the GRT and they get along just fine.

The issue should be; how to allocate the money. It would be wonderful if we could use most of it to improve the schools in Northern New Mexico. If this isn't addressed the GRT may just disappear into the general corruption at the Legislature.

Lest you think the Great State of NM is not getting back more than it gives.

I imagine those after #33, Oregon, figure the system is quite fair.

The following shows NM is ranked 1st for the amount that states received per capita in 2003, per federal tax dollar sent to DC.

Ranking of per capita Return on Tax Dollar: Fiscal 2003


1 New Mexico 1.90
2 Alaska 1.80
3 Mississippi 1.75
4 West Virginia 1.74
5 North Dakota 1.65
6 Alabama 1.62
7 Virginia 1.53
8 Montana 1.52
9 Hawaii 1.51
10 Kentucky 1.47

33 Oregon 1.00
45 Illinois 0.77
46 Nevada 0.75
47 Minnesota 0.74
48 Connecticut 0.72
49 New Hampshire 0.70
50 New Jersey 0.65
SOURCES: Northeast-Midwest Institute staff calculations based on U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, annual Consolidated Federal Funds Report, and The Tax Foundation, annual Special Report: Federal Tax Burdens and Expenditures by State.
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