Wednesday, November 23, 2005

[A Closer Look]: UC president criticized after salary revelation

By Shaun Bishop

University of California President Robert Dynes – who insists people call him "Bob" – has long sought to cultivate an image of accessibility.

During his 15 years as chancellor of UC San Diego, he headlined a "Chancellor's Challenge" in which he ran with students to raise money for scholarships. When he visited UCLA two years ago, he did an informal run around the campus perimeter with students, faculty and staff. He met with UCLA student-leaders over breakfast in May 2004.

Ben Margot/The Associated Aress
UC President Robert Dynes reacts during the Board of Regents’ meeting last week in Berkeley, during which he pledged to improve UC policies on public notification about employee salaries.

But last week the reputation for openness in the university he leads took a hit when the San Francisco Chronicle revealed previously unreported compensation bonuses for UC employees totalling $871 million last year. The figures were not included in a consultant's report in September, which said UC salaries lagged behind market rates.


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I'm curious about how much of that $871M Nanos got as a bonus for killing Todd Kauppila and destroying a national laboratory.
He looks like he's thinking "Oh please don't ask me about George P. Nanos' golden parachute, which is also UC-funded. Please, please, please just don't ask."
He looks a little under the weather. If he did not have a few the night before the meeting he sure will after. Martinis for everyone.....
He does look as if something he hired is giving him indigestion.

I hope Nanos is enjoying his payoff, because his boss certainly doesn't look as if he is.

What did you expect, "Bob"? Did you really think you could continue to misuse UC funds and get away with it? I can't wait until the press starts asking you why you are still paying George P. $235,000 per year to hide away back at DTRA, after the dog's breakfast he made of things at Los Alamos.
Perhaps after the new contractor is announced, and as expected there are no "UC" initials in the consortium's member list, Bob will reconsider whether or not continuing to carry Nanos' baggage is still in the University of California's best interest.

Guess what, George? You could be in the spotlight again soon!
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