Friday, October 21, 2005

What's in a name? (The lighter side.)

When Los Alamos emerged from the secrecy of the Manhattan Project after World War II, it was given a name that could be spoken out loud and a mission for the good of the country: Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, or LASL for short--LASL rhymes with "hassle"--and the mission was declared to be "science."

Some years later (about 20 years ago), the name was changed by Congress in its infinite...uh...wisdom to Los Alamos National Laboratory, or LANL for short--LANL sounds like "flannel" with the "f" kicked out of it--and the mission was changed to "nationalism."

Now, there is a great revival of interest in Washington for "faith-based" initiatives in government, and therefore, some see the possibility for much more secure funding for the Lab by cashing in on this new trend. They might even imagine doing research, scientific or engineering, on "Intelligent Design," no matter what the subject. (For example, X Division could begin to do "Intelligent Bomb Design.") So some say the Lab's name could therefore be changed to Los Alamos Faith-Based Laboratory, or LAFBL for short.

I oppose doing this to the Lab for two reasons: (1) strict separation of church and state, and (2) the acronym when pronounced out loud.

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