Monday, October 24, 2005

Watchdog group returns to the Hill

Watchdog group returns to the Hill

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

SANTA FE - Citing rapid and uncertain changes bearing down on the nuclear weapons complex, one of New Mexico's most persistent disarmament groups has decided to return to its roots in Los Alamos.

The Los Alamos Study Group will open a new office on the Hill beginning in early December.

"It is the end of an era at Los Alamos, one way or another," said Greg Mello Friday. "We thought it would be good to be closer to the lab and part of the community."

At a press conference Friday, Mello discussed disagreements between House and Senate versions of funding for nuclear weapons activities for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1.


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Greg: Since your up in our neighborhood, how about we meet at Cheeks to share some adult beverages and other things? It appears that we have a lot in common.

Mr. Hook:

As has been previously noted, your spelling and grammar are atrocious. Please note the difference between "your", and "you're"

First, "your" (as incorrectly used in your comment).

1 entry found for your.

Pronunciation Key (yr, yôr, yr; yr when unstressed)
adj. The possessive form of you.

1. Used as a modifier before a noun: your boots; your accomplishments.
2. A person's; one's: The light switch is on your right.
3. Informal. Used with little or no sense of possession to indicate a type familiar to the listener: your basic three-story frame house.

Now, "you're"

1 entry found for you're.

Pronunciation Key (yr; yr when unstressed)

Contraction of you are.

See, what you meant to say was " are up in our neighborhood", or "'re up in our neighborhood", as compared to "...your up in our neighborhood".

It really makes a huge difference in how your (note the correct usage here) comments are perceived if they are grammatically correct.

Perhaps they give spelling lessons at Cheeks?
Remember, I am a whistleblower, not an English major.

Greg and I will save a seat at the table for you at Cheeks. We can also practice backing out in the parking lot.
I'll bring my scrabble game. We should have a blast!
I received the following from an LLNL employee who wished to remain anonymous, but wanted to contribute to this discussion. --Doug



It is apparent that the first comment, from so-called blogger "Tom
Hook," is fraudulent. The comment is a mean-spirited jab at the real
Tommy Hook, and the medium is broad satire. The writer also seems to
have a chip against the Los Alamos Study Group, which I could partly
understand. The following two commenters didn't get it. We here in
Livermore are watching the Los Alamos bid proceedings with great
interest. LLNL is also watched by a local "Study Group." I for one look
on their efforts with equanimity. My intellectual positions, and the
Lab's official positions, will survive any study the local group
It is nice that Mr Mello has decided that 'it would be good to be closer to the lab and part of the community' that he has been attacking for all these years.

Maybe he should do his part in regards to energy conservation and NOT commute to Los Alamos every day.
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