Tuesday, October 25, 2005

To my colleagues at LLNL


This is my response to the anonymous LLNL employee that you posted under "Watchdog group returns to the hill"




To my colleagues at LLNL:

I’m sure you are all aware of the issues that have brought us to this point in the contract competition. While the security of a continuation of UC “leadership” may be desirable from an emotional standpoint the facts of what has occurred at your sister lab should make you wary.

Arrogance and ignorance are not complimentary traits but they are both traits that the UC hierarchy possesses in abundance. It is the lethal combination that made Nanos refuse to admit his gross incompetence and allowed him to cripple a vital national asset. If he had done this on his own I would not be so concerned for you. However, the backing and encouragement that he received from Foley and UCOP should cause you to worry. Even now that the facts have become public UC refuses to admit their willful misconduct, which resulted in the death of our colleague, Todd Kauppila. At every step throughout this tragic series of events UC management has stonewalled and lied in a coordinated effort to try to deflect the blame that they have earned.

When dealing with ethically and morally bankrupt individuals, such as those that infest the upper echelon of UC, you should all be aware that what happened to us could happen to you. I consider myself fortunate that the ineptitude that UC displayed in their handling of the CREM II incident was also displayed in their attempted cover up of the facts. Had they been competent in the art of deception I might have faced stiff punishment for something that never occurred. The next person that ends up in the scapegoat's pen might not be so lucky. These people have shown their true colors and it’s only a matter of time and circumstance before they again exercise their prerogative to punish the innocent in order to protect themselves.

I hope that the coming changes that you all face will not be as painful or as costly as what we have endured over the last 1.5 years. As you make your decisions don’t make the mistake of forgetting what happened in Los Alamos or delude yourself into thinking it can’t happen again. Your vigilance is all that will ensure a smooth transition.

Best of luck,

John N. Horne

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