Sunday, October 02, 2005

There was a time when anonymous comments to posts served a purpose

Doug, please post this anonymously.

Congratulations on revoking the ability to post comments anonymously. Also, congratulations on showing your willingness to shut down the blog when has been demonstrated that it is time to do so. I wish there were more people in management at LANL who had integrity to take themselves out of the picture once it became obvious that they were no longer providing a service.

There was a time when anonymous comments to posts served a purpose. The entire upper management chain was corrupt at the time of the shutdown, and until the blog came along there was no way to fight them. This blog did expedite, or facilitate, even, Nanos' removal as director. Left behind were more corrupt and/or incompetent managers, but we do not need anonymous comments to weed them out. By now, thanks to your blog, we all know who those managers are, no need to repeat their names. The normal process of contractor change-over will take care of them, and they know that.

I encourage you to keep this blog up and running in its current mode until after the new contractor assumes control of LANL on June 1. There are many important issues that will need to be discussed in the interim, and your blog is the only place where those discussions can occur.

I chose to request that you post this message anonymously, not because I fear an abusive supervisor, but because of my position within LANL and my desire to not draw undue attention to myself.


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