Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rumor confirmation request

From Anonymous:


I was told last night that Nanos is now in Albuquerque working at KAFB. His new position is Director for Nuclear Weapons for the Air Force. Have you heard anything about this? I'm trying to confirm it.

[I received this comment, anonymously. --Doug]


Hey Doug,

I was in the middle of doing some work on a future nuke article, and saw yesterday's posting on your blog about Nanos. I asked the Air Force, which said the position, "Director of Air Force Nuclear Weapons" no longer exists, and is now "Director of Strategic Security" and it isn't filled by Nanos.

Nanos is still director of R&D at DTRA in Virginia.

I don't know anything more about this, but this is what the Air Force is saying. You're welcome to post any/all of this info, but please don't use my name.

Many thanks,

"Nanos is still director of R&D at DTRA in Virginia."

George P. Nanos, Director Of Resignation & Disgrace, DTRA.
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