Saturday, October 01, 2005

Right on!

I applaud your decision to drop anonymous posting, Doug. A few months ago
it was necessary, but that is past and it's time people begin to stand up
in public for their views. And perhaps it will filter out the worst of the
negativity and personal attacks.


Folks, this doesn't necessarily mean the death of the blog. It's still
got a bit more life to it. Sign up for a blog name and start posting,
but try to keep more focused on the important subjects.

As for me, I'm seriously wondering what I should do once the contract
is awarded. In fact, all of us will need to look over and discuss the
new LLC benefits package in great detail once it is released. It's
going to be a difficult and soul-searching decision for most of us
regarding whether we should go inactive, or take a chance with the
new LLC pension (whatever it may be). If DOE stays the course, info
about the new LLC pension should, hopefully, start appearing by the
early part of next year.
For a take on what a good non-anonymous blog can be like, look here:

Lots of good info on the current housing bubble exists here, and
you'll notice that name calling is practically non-existent. That is
what a good blog should strive for -- a means for sharing data and
analysis. Bitterness and hate are plentiful in this world. Why not
put the capabilities of the blog culture to better use?
Some cool stuff at that website 11:42.
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