Thursday, October 13, 2005


Submitted by "Roderick Spode". [We seem to have a number of P. G. Wodehouse fans out there. --Doug]

Doug, please accept this submission for your blog. It is only my opinion. I believe it is an accurate assessment of our current state, but regardless, it is only my opinion.



We will start to see the rats beginning to abandon ship soon. The biggest rats will be the first to go. The writing is clearly on the wall now: UC has lost the contract bid (deservedly so, if the rumors about the unbelievable cluster-f*ck that their orals turned into are true). What am I talking about? DESERVEDLY SO, GIVEN UC'S PERFORMANCE THIS PAST YEAR. The two widely different storefront operations should underscore this reality to even the most obtuse LANL scientist.

Will we see any concerted effort on the part of upper LANL management to help the staff populace at large deal with the upcoming transition issues? Or (HINT) will it be every rat for himself?

I (the hint gave it away, no doubt) believe that we will start to see ADs, CIO's CFO's, Chief Whatevers saying "Adios" soon. Division leaders? Probably not, at least not right away, unless they are of retirement age. Division leaders are considered second or third-tier managers. Their jobs are secure, for a while anyway. I give them year before the new "Alliance" top managers get to know them well enough to give them the old "thumbs up" or "down".

Sadly, the good ship LANL-UC appears to have lost it's rudder, and is drifting in choppy waters. It's every person for him/her self.

When the Wen Ho Lee "spy" fiasco hit the fan, and Sec'y. Richardson said that we needed 10,000 polygraphs in the DOE complex, I joined the union, and I thought lots of people in X and DX Divisions would also.

I was wrong.

Then, when the knock on the door came, and NEST team members were taken in the middle of the night, and FBI agents goose-stepped down the X-Division hallways, I thought for sure lots of people would join the union.

I was wrong.

When the Lab was shut down last year for over a half a year, and a sterling guy like Kauppila was fired and his compatriot Horne was nearly fired, I thought LANL staff would rise up and...yup, join the union.

I was wrong.

It seems that instead, LANL staff hunkered down, worried about losing their UC benefits and pension, and no organized voices were raised against the shutdown or the jackbooted FBI or the polygraphs, despite the fact that, like the re-bidding of the contract, there was no objective reason to do ANY ONE of these goddamn things to LANL! (Oh, yes, I forgot to add that when the re-bidding BS was gearing up, I thought that a bunch of LANL people would join the union, at least to protect their UC benefits and pension, but only a very few more did. This time, I was mostly wrong.)

But then, thanks to Doug, there has been this blog. It ain't much, but it looks like just about all we got.

Forget the union--we just have to hope, I guess, that somebody (besides St. "Just-Get-Over-It" Pete) will read this blog. We just have to hope that some of the positive ideas (like "Out-of-the-Box" energy research in DOE) and negative comments (about what is wrong with DOE/NNSA/UC/LANL upper management) will also give the new contractor an inkling of the things that need fixing in This Old House (LANL).
"the jackbooted FBI or the polygraphs"

Well bubba, as far as I am concerned the FBI, CIA, NSA and all of our security agencies waited far to long to implement the Patriot Act 1 and 2. If that type of scrutiny is too much for you to handle then you need to hand in your badge and get a job somewhere else. Even GM is more protective of their designs and propitiatory methods and information then we are about nukes. To many scientist want the right to exchange information freely and a lot of that unclassified information when added together or assembled gives the data needed to produce a crude final product. Shame on them.
Gee, I've never been called "bubba" before. (I would say that "b-ohica" sounds about as American as "Notra Trulock.")

I'd guess you're not a bomb designer, either. All the ones I know are pretty damn straight when it comes to protecting nuclear secrets. "Shame on THEM," indeed! (My guess is, you couldn't get a Q-clearance if you tried.)

And as for PATRIOT Acts I and II--if you, Mr. "b-ohica," are one of those people who REALLY, REALLY want that kind of straightjacketed place to live, it's too bad Stalin's Soviet Union isn't around any more. I'd bet you could have easily gotten a job with Lavrenti Beria. You're sure not the kind of American the Founding Fathers had in mind. (PATRIOT Act, indeed!)
This is just a little FYI for those who are not that familiar with some military acronyms.

While most folks know fubar, ('fouled' up beyond all recognition) fewer know bohica, ( bend over, here it comes again ). Just something an old Viet Nam vet technician taught me. That and how to make napalm in my garage.
This "b-ohica" character is one strange bird. His command of
English, as shown by his posts, betray him as someone who doesn't
use English as their first language.

His recent posts have indicated:

- NIF program managers should be put in prison for 15 years
for committing fraud.

- Fears that the NIF program will be drastically cut.

- Fears that the new contractors will completely eliminate
all pensions and benefits.

- Exhortations for lab staff to retire right away.

- Weird claims that LLNL staff are training Libyans in a
bid to outsource LLNL jobs (this one was truly weird!).

- Complaints that the Patriot act doesn't go far enough,
and if you don't support it, your clearances should be
instantly revoked.

Perhaps he works with NIF and is worried that he's about
to be canned, but his manner of thinking is strange,
disjointed, and full of fear. Since he appears to have
no qualms about the Patriot Acts, I suggest we have our
relevant US authorities turn on special Patriot Act III
IPv7 "tracking packets" and find out exactly where he lives.
Surely, Mr. "b-ohica" won't mind.
It doesn't matter where he or she lives. You won't and can not change the wish list or attitude. Why waste you time. None of the posters here have any power over what will happen. Those who are in power have made up their minds already.

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