Monday, October 03, 2005

One of the many ironies

Should the UC team in the end lose the LANL contract to the
Lockheed-Martin/UT team, one of the many ironies will be that UC had an
opportunity, early on, to team with Lockheed Martin and probably assure
that they would retain the contract, perhaps even unopposed. Lockheed and
UC were in talks way back at the beginning, when NNSA first announced that
they would compete the contract, but these talks were broken off. Rumor
(unconfirmed) at the time was that the reason the talks broke off was that
UC insisted on having majority control and relegating Lockheed Martin to a
junior partner role. More recent stories about a public disagreement in
front of the orals committee over the division of responsibility between
Bechtel and UC would seem to support that assessment.

Bill Godwin

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