Sunday, October 16, 2005

One must remember that for every door that closes another one opens

From Anonymous:


Thank you Doug,

Now that we know this blog is going to be shut down in June of 2006 I
would like to take this time to say thank you for all of your
dedication to the cause. I did not discover this blog until long
after it was establish but once I did I used it to my advantage and
others, not that it is going to make a hill of beans anyway. The blog
gave me the opportunity to post as a third person throwing out
concerns that were not necessarily mind. They were concern that came
from people at LLNL that were scared to death of expressing their
opinions in fear of being fired or suffer some form of retaliation.
In some respects I would say that people such as this get what they
deserve. Regardless this is my last post on this blog and I am
relieved that this is all coming to an end soon.

The bottom line is that no matter what you think or feel about how
the labs are being contracted out there is absolutely nothing you or
your unions are going to do about it. Those in higher places have
their minds made up and it will be done as they wish.

This eye opener came after careful examination of the jobs that were
available to be filed. There is nothing new happening at my facility
that I could see as making great leaps and bounds in an area that was
to the benefit of the nation, and the projects that were had their
funding cut by DOE. This was simply because the labs approach to
everything is not geared to compete with the private sector to where
they actually have to turn out a final working product on time and on
budget. This is about to change, I hope.

For now I am finding myself participating in the very same
experiments that I did ten years ago. The only difference is that we
have more up to date diagnostic equipment. Knowing this my question
has always been, why are we bothering? For now we are doing nothing
but re-making the wheel by using stockpile stewardship as a crutch
for the sole purpose of keeping people employed, in hopes that
someday our facility will once again be needed. In the real world
they call this busy work and that normally leads to a RIF of which
DOE is giving you in a very nice and mannerly way.

From what I have read out here over the last few months I have found
that most of the posts are just a lot of finger pointing and blaming
someone else for the way of the times. Most of the posters believe
that they are special and cannot be replaced and for some reason
think that they are owed something. That's sad. The system owes you
nothing, not even the time of day. Mr.Bodman made that very clear in
his speech at LLNL, if you didn't catch it. I only wish I could post
the three .avi clips that I have from that speech for you all to
listen to but no one seems to have the space for such things on the
web. He told it like it was and I respect him for that.

After listening to these clips many times I too was upset, especially
knowing that I was going to be forced out the door before I was
fifty-five, having to freeze my retirement and start all over again
for the next ten years in order to have enough to live on. The fact
is, "it is what it is" . One must remember that for every door that
closes another one opens and I have assisted the opening of mind. It
is "all good" regardless of the circumstances and I intend to make
the best out of it. I suggest that you all do the same.

As I read in a post out here someone said that until the labs can
prove that they can do something useful for society and the world
other then nuclear weapons they will continually be down sized and
jobs will be banished, is the absolute truth. The nation labs must
change their thought process. To do this the contractor would be wise
to get rid of the old, meaning all of those fifty years of age or
older as soon as possible and keep the young whom they can groom to
their standard operational procedures. Knowing this I would expect
the private entity to make cuts shortly after the take over. They are
not going to tolerate dead weight or excessive overhead. Be wise and
prepare for this event.

Good luck people. I am ready any time they are.

Have a good day.

Thanks Doug. You are truly and inspiration.

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