Sunday, October 02, 2005

An odd mixture of shadenfreude and empathy

From: David A. Poling

If the blog goes away I shall miss it. I was one of those whom Brad referred to as the ones who know what knobs to twist.

I retired early three years ago when it became clear the Lab put no value on my experience( a dozen NTS shots). The blog has allowed me to follow what has been going on at the Lab in a way that would otherwise have been impossible. It has provided me with an odd mixture of shadenfreude and empathy. I saw all this coming years ago but no one would listen. An institution with no agreed upon mission is adrift and subject to forces pushing it in any random direction. This makes it ripe for some opportunist or opportunists to highjack and crash.

Yes, indeed some of us would be very pleased for this to go away!
Very funny, 5:54.

Probably true, too, although Tommy did not need a blog to make his notoriety well-known.

Say Doug, care to meet me at TD's Show Club this evening?
You bet. Got your Kevlar on?

Wow,"Tom Hook" is a great handle. Wish I'd thought of
that one!
What, retired early with no VERIP?

Surely you must fit in somewhere to what 10/01/2005 02:38:43 pm is talking about under the "Lab Chief Plans to 'Constrain Hiring'" post?
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