Saturday, October 01, 2005

New lab panel to manage hiring: LANL braces for cut in funding

By ANDY LENDERMAN | The New Mexican
October 1, 2005

Los Alamos National Laboratory has created a nine-member council that will manage all the lab's hiring and have the power to approve or reject hiring by all its divisions.

Director Robert Kuckuck said in a memo to employees Wednesday that the action was being taken because of tight budget projections for the federal Department of Energy and a pending change in who will manage the lab.


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Surprise news for all you "LANL: The Real Story" addicts. The strategy for getting past Congressman Hobson of Ohio is simple, because Rep. Hobson is a 'umble man, and simple. The LockMart Team thought they had it in the bag, because no DOE or NNSA flunky would have wanted to be the one to go to Hobson and tell that 'umble Congressman that UC had won the contract after all. They could just hear Rep. Hobson explode: "WHAT? That buncha Berzerkly commies are gonna run Los Alamos again? Why, you little pipsqueak, I'll..."

The deal is, that flunky won't have to say the word "UC." He will say, "The Bechtel Team won!" And the Congressman, 'umble as 'e is, will be satisfied.

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