Wednesday, October 05, 2005

LLC window-shopping

After reading about the grand opening of the Lockheed/UT/friends Alliance LLC storefront office in Los Alamos today, I decided to go LLC window-shopping. The LM storefront operation was my first stop. Their brand new office is just around the corner from Starbucks at 1789 Central Ave. According to the story in today's Albuquerque Journal, business hours for the Los Alamos office will be 7 a.m.-7 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays.

I showed up at about 3:15, and found lots of people milling about. Roger Snodgrass of the Monitor was interviewing Paul Robinson, and Andy Lenderman of the New Mexican was there as well. I met lots of the LM alliance folks, all of whom seemed quite interested in hearing what issues the community wanted to bring to the table regarding the new contractor who would be assuming the LANL contract next June.

After I had finished meeting and talking with the LM alliance folks, I decided to drive over to the UC/Bechtel "storefront" office located on the Motorola building. The Motorola Building? That's the one up the the back gate road on the way to the Pajarito Ski area, just across from TA-3. After wandering the building for about 10 minutes searching for signs to lead me to the the LLC, I finally found their office on the same floor as the Hot Rocks coffee shop, down a long hallway on the second floor. I signed in, and the receptionist brought a harried-looking Bechtel person up to the front to meet me. He turned out to be a nice guy, but I got the distinct impression that the UC/Bechtel LLC is not accustomed to having people just "drop in" for a chat. After a few moments, I made him the same offer as I had made the LM folks: if there was any material about his LLC that he wished to have distributed on the LANL blog, I told him that I would be happy to let him use the blog's venue to disseminate it.

The UC/Bechtel LLC did not have material available for dissemination just yet. The LM/UT group, on the other hand, readily accepted my offer, and will be sending me electronic versions of their informational material soon, at which point I will make it available here.

For me it was an educational experience. I encourage any LANL employee who wishes to learn more about the next contractor that will be running our laboratory to stop by both facilities, ask questions, and get a feel for both LLCs. One of them will be our boss starting June 1.


Sounds to me like the UC/Bechtel LLC people are dis-engaged.
Why should this be suprising? We should be used to it by
This confirms what I have believed for some time: UC is NOT interested in LANL. We were an embarrasment with all of the bad publicity. What the DOE will get from the UC LLC is a "courtesy bid." UC must do this in order to keep LLNL which is what they really want. The fact is that it would not be politically acceptable for UC to keep both LANL and LLNL. So, the UC LLC is doing the minimum
They (UC/Bechtel) sure don't seem to want to encourage visitors. I sought them out after having a breakfast burrito at Hot Rocks. One tiny little sign next to a locked door that requires a badge reader for access.

I obliged them by going back to Hot Rocks for a cappuccino.
It is my hopes that LLNL also becomes a domain of LM too and that the UC system is dumped entirely. Believe me, it is time for LLNL to be led by managers that will encourage good work ethics and therefore suceed in getting maximum productivity. I have not seen either since LLNL has virtually lost it mission over a decade ago. Change will be met by me with open arms.
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