Friday, October 28, 2005

Leaders picked for Los Alamos

Friday, October 28, 2005


Leaders picked for Los Alamos

The UT System and its industrial partner, Lockheed Martin Corp., won't know until about Dec. 1 whether their joint bid to operate Los Alamos National Laboratory is successful.

But they've already lined up a team of 18 "critical personnel" who would oversee the nuclear weapons lab in New Mexico. Jack Burns, currently vice president for academic affairs and research for the four-campus University of Colorado System, would become a deputy lab director and a UT System employee if the bid is successful. Burns is a professor of astrophysical and planetary sciences.

The lab's director would be C. Paul Robinson, a nuclear arms negotiator for President Reagan who went on to direct Sandia National Laboratories for Lockheed Martin.


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It would be interesting to know which 18 non-critical LANL managers would be vacated to make room for the new guys.
I would ask why these positions are not going to be competed!
Thought it was all the positions reporting directly to the Director?

Arguably, they have been competed to DOE/NNSA.
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