Saturday, October 22, 2005

LANL Workers Say Suit Led to Harassment

Journal Staff Report

Two women who work at Los Alamos National Laboratory maintain they have suffered harassment and retaliation for filing a 2003 lawsuit alleging the lab pays its female employees far less than men.

In two separate new suits, filed in federal court earlier this month, Veronique Longmire and Laura Barber maintain they were "harassed and intimidated by LANL managers" via "inappropriate comments and interactions" after initiating the 2003 pay litigation.

The new suits also contend that in retaliation for filing the pay complaint:
  • Longmire and Barber were passed over for promotions, despite "demonstrated performance and extensive experience."
  • Their requests to pursue educational opportunities were denied, "while similar requests from male employees were approved."
  • They were given lower employee evaluations and lower salary increases.

  • Both women are employed in the lab's Technology Transfer Division.


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