Tuesday, October 25, 2005

LANL Director Praises Workers in Talk

By John Arnold
Journal Staff Writer

Safety and security improvements, the next generation of nuclear weapons and preparing for a new lab manager were among the topics that Los Alamos National Laboratory director Robert Kuckuck discussed during a wide-ranging speech to lab employees Monday.

During the hour-and-a-half-long meeting, which was open only to lab staffers, Kuckuck praised workers for improving lab operations that were at the center of embarrassing administrative, safety and security lapses in recent years, according to lab spokesman Jim Fallin.

"(Kuckuck) wanted to make sure people understood that he recognizes that were it not for the hard work and due diligence displayed by the staff here, we would not be where we are," Fallin said. "And it's a much improved position from where we were a few months back."


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A good majority of operations are totaly dysfunctional. The support organizations are in total denial. Years of hiring and promoting relatives, friends and just plain idiots has finally reached the breaking point. I agree with Kuckuck that the science is excellent but the support side is in shambles and I am suprised it works at all.
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