Monday, October 03, 2005

The LANL culture

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Los Alamos Monitor

Monday, October 3, 2005

The LANL culture

Dear Editor,

For those, and there are many, who doubt the wisdom of the 2004 shutdown, some new and very troubling information has surfaced in the form of a LANL Occurrence Report (FIRNGHELAB-2005-0005). It describes an accident which happened in DX-1 on 10/02/2003, not reported until 03/31/2005.

It is an absolute horror show, involving failure to stop work, inadequate training for a hazardous task, intimidation of workers by management, etc. Virtually every sin in the book, with management playing the heavy. Two employees were left with serious, permanent, lung damage. Unlike the Martinez case, they can't sue LANL and the managers, because of the Workers Compensation laws.

LANL employees should be able to access this report online. The reports, once available to the public, are blocked from public access since 2002. Perhaps they don't want to shock us?

What I find deeply troubling is that the managers involved, who were directly responsible for this accident, have not suffered for their actions. They are still in management and some have been promoted.

This is an incredible message to send to other managers and the workforce. I believe they should have been terminated, for cause; or at minimum removed from management with no prospects for a future management position. But, read the report and decide for yourself. It is a real horror show.

Chris Mechels

Retired LANL

Santa Fe

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