Friday, October 28, 2005

Internet Outage

I'm guessing that LANL saw some kind of internet outage at about 3:10 this afternoon, because hits from suddenly dropped to 0.


The phone line to White Rock (prefix 672) went down at 2:30 PM and returned at about midnight. I don't know what happened on the Hill, but ATMs and Cell phones did not work either for about the same period of time.

Larry Creamer
Hot rumor was that one of the major internet servers went down and the outage was across a large region of the West.
There was a major outage that started around 2:30 and lasted until late Friday. It took out all network access from the Lab and many DSL links in town. Qwest had a major fiber break.
Since it affected both phones and networks I would go with the Qwest story. If the major Internet servers had a problem it would not affect phone traffic off the hill.
My cable internet (Comcast) at home went down too. No phone line involved.
Subject: LANL-ALL960 Telecommunications Outage
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 16:05:45 -0600
From: Public Affairs Office - LANL Notices

Please be advised:

Computing, Communications and Networking (CCN) Division and Emergency
Management and Response (EMR) have been informed that a main trunk
line outside Los Alamos has been cut resulting in a major
telecommunications outage. Internal Laboratory telephones, electronic
mail and Web pages are not affected by the service disruption.
However, access to outside Web pages and telephone numbers is
affected. Service is sporadic and may continue to be for some time.

The Lab's 9-1-1 emergency service has been temporarily transferred to
the Los Alamos Fire Department.
Was this the fault of LANL? or UC? If so, has DOE/NNSA demanded a complete shutdown of LANL for the next...6 months, until the next contractor takes over?

Oh, wait: you say it was OUTSIDE of Los Alamos. Well, that's COMPLETELY different ! ! !

(Disclaimer: Yes, the above is sarcasm, but God knows, that is hard to detect these days.)
To k. boland: If Comcast lost it's network service it may be because they use the Qwest link to ABQ to provide it. There has also been no major news stories about a major outage like you describe.
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