Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Include the Kauppila family fund

Submitted by Ron Minnich:

I think LANL employees ought to call the local United Way, during this year's fund drive, and ask that they include the Kauppila family fund in the list of supported charities this year. They can set it up so that employees have to explicitly designate this fund, if United Way are unwilling to make it one of the standard recipients; but it ought to be possible for Lab employees to contribute to the Kauppila family fund via United Way.

My request alone might not make a difference; employees can consider contacting United Way to make this request. Possibly, if enough people request it, United Way would accede to this request.

Also, I think, given the lack of action at the federal level, that it might be appropriate for the Oversight Committee in our state legislature to investigate what happened to Todd. I believe this Committee could compel testimony, under oath. Jeanette Wallace, in town, is on this committee. I think the questions surrounding Todd's firing need to be resolved. Even those who support Pete's actions in this matter would, I assume, welcome a chance to clear the air.

Consider contacting your local state legislator and requesting that the Oversight Committee initiate its own investigation.



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