Friday, October 21, 2005

In all fairness

In doing a web search I did find this site for LANS, and there is a pdf downloadable fact sheet there.


You will notice that the consortium formerly known as UC/Bechtel now officially begins with Bechtel, followed by UC. (After the alleged shouting match at the oral presentation by Anastasio, I guess you might say that the issue has finally been settled as to who is top dog.)

* Lockheed Martin (a.k.a. LockMart) / UT, etc.
* Bechtel / UC, etc.

In that order. (Take note.)
I forgot to add, in all fairness, that the linked documentation by LANS does not at all address, in sufficient depth, the issues discussed in the earlier post by Robinson and Cook of the LockMart/UT team below.
Do you suppose UC will be sending Foley to DTRA now?
That is interesting that Bechtel is listed first. Was it always that way?

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