Friday, October 28, 2005

Another stand down imminent?


"There is only one thing the Laboratory can do: have a standdown. In Level I, we will view numerous mandatory videos. We will all sign our names to the statement "I will not tolerate a culture of intolerance." No work at the Laboratory shall be performed until we root out everything that can be construed, no matter how tenuously, to be discriminatory. In Level II, we must answer questionnaires regarding our involvements in any discriminatory activities, such as belonging to BSA and donating to United Way. Finally, in Level III, a "Resumption Board" must be appointed to ensure that everyone in the organization is devoid of discrimination, and "Corrective Actions" must be taken before full work activities may be resumed."


[Note: the sarcasm-impaired should not go here to read the entire letter. --Doug]

As goofy as this all sounds, it did bring back memories of being closeted with my GL and deputy GL, office door closed, and being forced to read and verbally state the "My mind's right boss, please don't put me back in the hole" mantra. Some of you may have forgotten these "oaths of fealty" that were dictated by Der Fuhrer Nanos as a pre-condition to being allowed to go back to work after last year's shutdown.

It was a humiliating experience for all involved, except, of course, for Der Fuhrer.
We had an interesting group meeting last week.
Our group leader reminded us that we "took the oath" during the stand-down.
We were also warned that we could be reported to the new contractor if we didn't stay in line and blindly follow.
I had not seen evidence of retribution or retaliation prior to this but this sure was created a BFO for me
Another standdown will help us continue to be a work-free safe and secure place. And, standdowns allow the wrong people to be important and have authority.
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