Monday, October 24, 2005

2010, Welcome to LAPPP (Los Alamos Pit Production Plant)

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2010, Welcome to LAPPP (Los Alamos Pit Production Plant) former site of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Finally, it is out in the open: last week NNSA announced its plans to turn LANL into a pit production facility. An earlier post on this blog discusses whether or not last year's Nanos debacle was actually part of a clever conspiracy to change LANL's mission from "National Science" to "Plutonium Pit Production". Regardless, the cards are now on the table.

The questions raised by this recent announcement (see include
Sometimes things change for the better, sometimes for the worse. This new "mission" for Los Alamos is a change for the worse.

In addition to our possible change of mission, I am beginning to
detect great fear in the remaining staff over our future pension
benefits. Do yourself a favor and check out the front cover of the
latest issue of Time magazine:

The Great Retirement Ripoff - Time - Oct 23, 2005

Only subscribers can read the whole issue, but the article link below
shows some of what we might have ahead of us. As private pensions
go down the tubes, the public, and Congress, will start turning their
wrath on the lucrative public pensions, like CALpers, that are still
handing out rich benefits. Both the existing UC pension and any
LANL LLC pension may, likewise, come into the cross-hairs of a very
angry public:,9171,1122010,00.html

Of course, those at the very top, the guys with the golden parachutes
and privately insured executive pensions -- those people need not worry.
They are untouchable. Is this a great country, or what?
Of course this is a great country - It has the World's Greatest Science Protecting It.
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