Wednesday, October 26, 2005

20 Groups Compete to Manage Chicago's Argonne Lab

By Isaac Wolf - Nineteen firms have expressed interest in taking over management of Argonne National Lab from the University of Chicago, the Department of Energy announced Friday.

Washington, D.C. - Scripps Howard Foundation Wire - infoZine - Groups interested in managing the half-a-billion-dollar-a-year research lab include research juggernauts Northrop Grumman and Battelle as well as several small firms seeking subcontracts for part of the work

Under the university's management, Argonne has been reprimanded for its handling of nuclear material. According to Argonne officials, nuclear materials were mislabeled - but never unsecured - in 2004.

Despite these problems, the university says it welcomes competition for the non-weapons lab, which focuses on high level physics, chemistry and energy. The lab is 25 miles southwest of the Chicago Loop.


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"Asked Monday about the other firms' interest in the contract, Rosenbaum said, "Argonne is an extremely well run lab that does great science, so we're not surprised at all that there's considerable interest in running Argonne National Lab."

Ah, but do they have The World's Greatest Science Serving, whatever...?
Let us hope, and pray, that whoever gets the contract they drop "the world's greatest science" and the PR pukes who created it, into the dustbin. Awarding themselves the title is not just arrogance, it is sickening.
LBNL, which is a great pure science lab, with Nobel winners and other signs of success, makes no such claims. LANL once let its deeds, and its science, speak for itself. Now the PR pukes are in charge. Time for "back to the basics".
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