Monday, October 31, 2005

12:23 pm: Report: LANL worker told to return to work after acid exposure

The Associated Press version of the story.

October 31, 2005

LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (AP) - The Department of Energy says a maintenance worker injured after being exposed to hydrochloric acid at Los Alamos National Laboratory was told to return to work afterward.

The accident occurred amid "what appears to be a work environment of mistreatment and reprisal" in the lab's DX-1 group, the agency's report said.

The worker and another technician told to re-enter a work room after telling a supervisor they smelled acid "both felt that if they refused, it would put their employment status in jeopardy," the DOE's Office of Environment, Safety and Health said in a report this summer. The accident that occurred in October 2003.

Among other things, the report attributed the incident to "poor supervision."


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No mention that this was during the George Peter Nanos "Reign of Terror" at LANL.

Wikipedia: George Peter (Pete) Nanos was the former director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory from January 2003 to May 2005.
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