Wednesday, September 28, 2005

UC President's Council meets at Laboratory

September 28, 2005

Laboratory Director Bob Kuckuck and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Director Michael Anastasio talk with Bob Van Ness, left, University of California assistant vice president for laboratory management, before the start of the UC President's Council meeting Tuesday at the Laboratory. The meeting continues today in the Jemez and Cochiti rooms of the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center at Technical Area 3. The council heard updates on the status of the Laboratory contract, performance reports on Appendix F objectives, stockpile stewardship and budgetary matters.

"The council heard updates on the status of the Laboratory contract..."

When will we get to hear the updates?
Don't expect much more than a "happy face" sound bite. Baghdad, it's showtime.
As usual or the President's Council, and its Committees, no schedule or agenda is provided and no provision made for input from the public or the workforce. No minutes will be available. Briefings by the Lab management will suffice. No reality or bad news to intrude on the happiness.
And, this is called "oversight". It is really a periodic blessing of UC by UC, with no critics allowed.
Notice the girth of Van Ness who has "grown into" his job, when UC was too lazy to do a search for a scientist. His predecessors, Kuckuck, and Henning, were at least scientists. One of the real goods to come from UC's departure would be that Van Ness and the rest of the miserable "oversight" group would be out of their jobs.
Is this Van Ness fellow an assistant to Foley?
The Lord said, "Let there be stooges," and lo, there were three.
Good to see that Bob (Van Ness) is getting regular meals.
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