Friday, September 23, 2005

To put recent pro-Nanos posts into perspective

From Anonymous:


You might be interested to learn that without exception, every upper level manager with whom I've spoken is unwaveringly of the opinion that Nanos really, unbelievably screwed up while at the helm of LANL. Granted, I don't often speak with Don Cobb or his ilk, but that is primarily a matter of personal choice. Further, I know a few people in Washington; and some of those at DTRA in particular. DTRA has bottled Nanos up tight. He needs approval to go to the bathroom, much less to attempt any task that requires more discretion than that. His sweetheart deal with UC was that he be employed by UC long enough to get his 5 years. That leaves 1 1/2 more years under the UC umbrella before they cut him loose. I suppose that if UC looses the contract for LANL in December, George may find himself screwed, if UC chooses to cut that particular anchor.

Don't let the flack you are sporadically getting from the one or two remaining pro-Nanos staff at LANL rattle you. Nor, the heat from the tattered remnants of the formally strong "Mormon Mafia". Their heyday was under the Jim Jackson reign, but they are waning now.

Regards, and thanks for a job exceedingly well done with your blog. Had this particular blog not sprung into existance when it did, we could well now be seeing these last days of UC stewardship at LANL still under the incompetant rule of George P. Nanos.

Religious favoritism can not be tolerated in the work place.
The "Mormon Mafia" is alive and well.

Look at your 403(b) and other UC investments recently trasferred to Fidelity! Who has great interests in Fidelity? ...Union Pacific Railroad? ...Union Pacific coal reserves in Wyoming and Montana? ...Morton Thiokol? ...Marriott Hotel? ...Delta Airlines? ...and much more...
Delta Airlines is filing for bankruptcy; Morton Thiokol (with help from NASA) killed a schoolteacher on top of a rocket. Things have been better for our clean-cut "friends".
You have got to be kidding. Or is the aluminum foil in your hat finally letting the aliens control what's left of your brains?
To whom, 8:05, do you refer?
I was referring to the persistently posited theory that the Mormon and Catholic churches are secretly plotting to control LANL.

If you look at the resumes of LANL staff it is more likely that a secret cabal from MIT, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon or APS is secretly at work.

Yes. Gary Stradling is a Mormon. Jim Jackson is a Mormon. But don't insult eveyone's intelligence by seriously suggesting that Fidelity Investments is somehow controlled by the Mormon church and this whole thing is part of some diabolical plan to control LANL, hurt LANL or take our retirement benefits.

I apologize for the attempt at a joke regarding the tin foil in some posters hats finally giving way and letting in the aliens mind control rays.

But I can't explain the rabid nature of some of the posts in any other way.
Yes, I understand your confusion regarding the motivation of some of the posters here, 8:40.

You, on the other hand, can probably not even come close to understanding the confusion that most of LANL staff felt for 7 months as a mad man was allowed to keep our operation shut down over perceived security and safety conditions. Perceptions that were subsequently disproven.

Unless you were here during that periond, of course, in which case you understand confusion quite clearly.
8:05 here again.

I have been here for about nine years.

I was hurt professionally by the stand-down.

I blame Pete for his stubbornness in the face of facts. I blame Washington for their usual need to make points at other people's expense. I blame the media for generating news where little existed. I blame UC for doing their usual job of making a mole hill into Mount Everest. I blame LANL managers that have not had the spine to do what they should know is right.

But I need to live and work so I am trying to get over what is past and work in the remaining mess in hopes that I can still make a contribution to my field that will not be overshadowed by having been at LANL during this period.

I still find it hard to believe that there are LANL people that really think some shadowy 'them' is out to get them. Don't worry about the boogey men. Worry about your HR generalist, your group leader or your program manager. They are the ones that can really make your life go down the tubes.
Ok now the Morman and Catholic Churches are out to "get" LANL.

We are REALLY going off the deep end here.
There are only three possible explanations for the "mess" at LANL:

(1) Intelligent Design.

(2) The Flying Spaghetti Monster's wrath.

(3) The logical result of bad management, for which the scientific evidence is overwhelming.

We can rule out #1. That leaves only #2 or #3.
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