Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Those who would rather tear us down than build us up

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To the 9/05/2005 05:04:33 PM poster, "Yeah, if there were a disaster in Los Alamos, would people expect FEMA to send in people to protect the supermarket from being vandalized, or to have stocked the staging area with bottled water?"

Just exactly where were you on the DOE/LANL side of business say, oh, about 5 years ago?!

LANL did indeed suffer a disaster. People did indeed expect guards to "protect the supermarket" and "have the staging areas stocked".

It was called the National Guard and Red Cross. They invaded all of Los Alamos and White Rock. It was a mandatory evacuation. And NO ONE was left behind that needed assistance.

The Red Cross and National Guard shelters were fully stocked (anyone else remember the White Rock Baptist church, elementary school and how the Pojoaque High School were set up?) Anyone else remember the 5 hours waiting to pull out of White Rock after the midnight mandatory evacuation was announced? And all the National Guardsmen Humvees, etc. that surrounded the eerily quiet, yet crowded town in normally vacant dark, pre-dawn streets? And how reassuring it was to know that our community wasn't abandoned, even though we were forced to leave?

This kind of comment just illustrates for me that it is not Los Alamosans blogging here, but those who would rather tear us down than build us up.

Los Alamos does not forget the gifts and lessons learned from the Cerro Grande fire and has opened their homes to those in need, just like so many in Northern NM opened their homes to us. We have a responsibility to those less fortunate than ourselves and we will not forget it, regardless of what is said of us.

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