Sunday, September 04, 2005

Story from today's New York Times magazine about science and politics

Doug, I think this story from today's New York Times magazine about science and politics in the Bush administration has a lot of relevance to events at the Lab in the past few years. Anonymous

MAGAZINE | September 4, 2005
Political Science
Is the Bush administration anti-science? Or is it scientists critical of the president who have forgotten that science and politics don't mix?

Now, before we get a bunch of rabid right-wingers attacking this article, followed by a bunch of rabid left-wingers defending it, you should all take a deep breath and consider: the opinion piece merely asks a question. Nothing worth getting spittle all over the computer screen.

Durbin is the Minority Whip. It is his job to be caustic and oppose the Administration at every opportunity. Remember his statements about GitMo?

Durbin, while a member of the House was quite proud of his participation in getting the SuperCollider killed The reason was very simple: the project was in Texas, not Illinois.

Yes, this so-called Restore Scientific Integrity in Federal Research and Policymaking is nothing more than political posturing.
As if any of this made the slightest bit of hundreds of thousands of Americans are fanning out from a flooded city, with tens of thousands injured or wonder
We all understand that a tragedy has befallen the nation. That does not mean that all other concerns should be ignored. Our thoughts, prayers, and funds are with the victims. However we are still required to deal with our own responsibilities. It all makes a difference 10:03.

John Horne
Mention of the SSC is like picking a scab. The cancellation was a HUGE mistake!
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