Friday, September 09, 2005

Sig in the news

North Korea Stands Fast On Nuclear Energy Use

Rice Gets Report On Eve of Talks

By Glenn Kessler
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 9, 2005; Page A21

Two prominent experts on North Korea who recently made an unpublicized visit to the reclusive nation briefed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday as U.S. negotiators prepared to return to Beijing for a renewal of six-nation disarmament talks.

China announced yesterday that the talks would resume next Tuesday, after a recess of more than five weeks after the participants were unable to reach agreement on a "statement of principles" that would guide negotiations to eliminate North Korea's nuclear programs. Japan, South Korea and Russia are also participants in the talks.

John W. Lewis, a retired Stanford University professor, and Siegfried S. Hecker, retired director of Los Alamos National Laboratory, met with Rice yesterday afternoon to provide details of their talks with key North Korean officials, including the top negotiators for the North Korean side.


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