Thursday, September 22, 2005

Raises for UC Managers

From Anonymous:

On the Paul Harvey Radio Show, yesterday - Sept 21 - he announced that UC
was going to ask for private donors to donate money to give raises to the
administrative/executive levels at UC.

So private Dei, LDS, ...
Let's see: if all the LDS LANL families tithe 10% of their salaries, why, shucks! We could get Don "Serial Liar" Cobb the raise he so richly deserves.
Actually, I'm curious now about what, exactly, 08:23:52 PM seemed so upset about. Really, wasn't it Opus Dei that was deeply insulted in the original comment?
So, I guess I will tug on one of Gary Stradling's questions here. Are there really that many posters across a number of threads that hate ( only some ) Catholics and Mormons or is it just one wacko?

Since this is a recurring theme through out the life of the blog, would some one please enlighten us new comers as to just who is on this list of nasty evil-doers. I guess Jim Jackson is on the list, but who else?
I can't answer your question directly, 8:14, but I do recall a series of episodes that happened maybe 5 - 8 years back. It seems there was a machinist who was "let go" from LANL. It also seems that this machinist took it into his head that he was on the unpleasant end of Mormon favoritism. He claimed that his boss was a Mormon, his boss's boss, and one above them as well. The machinist, however was not "of the church".

For over a year afterwards the speed limit signs between Santa Fe and Los Alamos would receive a fresh coat of paint once a week or so often. The paint invariably said things like "Mormons discriminate at LANL!" "Mormons run Los Alamos", and the like.

I never saw evidence of religious discrimination myself, but it was a frequent topic of conversation for a while.

One guy might have had a beef with his boss. And then he vanalized public property for a number of years to get his point across.

Does any body have anything else besides the fact that Jim Jackson was Sig's hatchet man?

Just wondering.
In my experience there is no religious discrimination, and there is no mormon cabal. However, it is really easy to hate the evil mormon (or catholic) empire. Unfortunately, this message of hate is something that can really take hold on the blog with just one really dedicated poster.
No need to start a Mormon witch hunt. The era of the "Mormon Mafia", if in fact it ever even existed, is past. Or, at least, it will be over starting December 1.

It is, after all, against the law to descriminate in the workplace against someone because of his or her religious beliefs.
The problem at LANL is not a Morman conspiracy. It is the cronyism that grows from living in a company town. People just spend too much time together outside of work. They go to church together, to soccer games together, etc. They see each other in the grocery store. And, with only one employer in town, there are the matters of spousal employment and summer jobs for the kids.

Those who do not live in Los Alamos are left out of a seat at the promotion table. After all, it is a lot easier to pass over an applicant that you do not see every Sunday in church.

Some of this led to the sinking of IBM. The IBMers only socialized with IBMers. They had their own sports leagues, card clubs, etc. They ended up with a very distorted picture of the outside (aka, non-IBM) world. It resulted in a lot of not very smart people moving up the org chart.
For those keeping score, I continue to delete any comments that contain religious content. Keep religious issue off of the blog, please.

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