Monday, September 12, 2005

Peter Sellars: Explosively original

[Another Los Alamos Opera]


*Amid the calming mesas of Los Alamos, "Doctor Atomic" librettist and director Sellars visits the site that gave birth to the a-bomb.

The mesas stand in hushed majesty. The sky doesn't stop. The vistas, those astounding vistas, humble humanity. Native Americans revere this land.

I'm driving through Bandelier National Monument, just outside Los Alamos. Peter Sellars is my passenger. We are quiet for a moment. "These mesas are incredible, you've got to give Oppenheimer that," Sellars, never quiet for long, finally says.

"Why Western man really does select rare sacred sites to put the most toxic … " He breaks off with a purposeful, infectious laugh. Silent again, he surveys what he will later call "the world's biggest horizon."


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Appropos of nothing.
I debated whether or not it belonged here. It was submitted with a request that it be posted, and I felt a break from the Cobb thread would be welcome, so I decided to post it.

Thanks for submitting it. People should be exposed to all viewpoints and ideas, and decide for themselves what to think. Otherwise, posters to this blog would just be spouting BS.
Oh, wait......
Too late, 8:05. The return of anonymous posting opened the BS floodgates.
Amen to that, 9:30. That, and the censorship of oppsing viewpoints.
You mean like yours, 4:55 PM?

Yes, Doug. I recall an incident where a poster made the mistake of blaming Todd's death on alcohol - an assertion which was groundless but medically undestandable. This resulted in calls for the investigation and persecution of this person who would dare assult the integrety and honor of Todd (who, by the way, I do have respect for). At the same time, Gary Stradling, whom I have worked with before*, was put up for a great deal of truely slanderous abuse, but no one - not even you - lifted a finger to try to limit this abuse or ban those who most severely abused the privilege of anonymity. Now you assert that Gary has been banned because of the repetitiveness and pedantic nature of his posts, but that can't be the whole story - there's a significant number of pedantic, repetitive, and abusive posts that continue to make it on to this blog, but they do not challenge the prevailing wisdom. The implication in this is that Gery was banned as much for his views as his method, and had he held to the blog line he would be posting today.

*For the record, Gary can be opinionated and abrupt, but in my experience he is also intelligent, honest, and competent. Those who disagreed with his arguments (of which I am sometimes one) were welcome. Those who could only respond with ad hominem attacks can thake their pathetic selves and go to hell.
Also for the record, I don't think Gary should post again. His participation in this debate long outlived its usefulness - those who agree have moved on, and those who don't are still stewing here. I'm simply offended at the manner in which he was censored.
Fellows, in the words of the right honerable Senator Dominici, "Get over it!"

Stradling repeatedly ignored my specific requests regarding posting etiquette.

So I banned him.

Fume and stew all you like, but I will only put up with so much crap. If I may suggest, there are more important things wo worry about these days.
Doug: Thanks for banning Gary. His posts just wasted a lot of space.

To anonymous at 9/15/2005 12:05:24 PM: You and Gary have the option of starting your own blog.
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