Friday, September 23, 2005

Observations on 'LANL: The Real Story"

As someone interested in the LANL management issue I have started following
your website. I would like to toss out a few observations plus questions and
information for anyone interested:

* While many contributors raise interesting criticisms or comments there
seem to be a small number of very outspoken contributors who like to 'name
call' and intimidate.

* I have received personal email from some obviously dedicated and
thoughtful people from LANL who are very upset with the situation and are
thinking of the bigger picture. However I am struck by the apparent overall
lack of care for the bigger issues involved.

* Some contributors apparently don't know it was a Republican Eisenhower who
warned about military contractor influence on foreign policy.

* I have noticed the strong role of POGO in pushing negative and highly
misleading or exaggerated publicity about LANL. The recent example of
Americium-241 and front page story here of it "contaminating New Mexico and
three other states" was pretty remarkable. What is your take on this?

* Does anyone care about the connections between Lockheed Martin and
current US foreign policy?

If you DO care, the following are good resources:

1. - interesting overview of lockheed martin.

2. International Relations Center based in Silver City, NM. Terrific
information on the background and inter-connections of the far right. For
example, on Linton Brooks:

Interesting stuff on Heather Wilson, Bruce Jackson, etc etc..

Best regards,
Rick Sterling

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