Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Leaving Los Alamos: Its UC Legacy, Military Future

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

In about eight weeks it will be official: Management of Los Alamos National Laboratory will be transferred from the University of California to the Lockheed Martin group. After managing Los Alamos since its inception in 1943, UC will no longer oversee the birthplace of the atomic bomb and world's premier nuclear weapons design facility. What does it mean and does it matter?


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One line from the article which reads

" The bottom line is that reports of UC mismanagement have been greatly exaggerated."

should actually have read

" The bottom line is that reports of UC management have been greatly exaggerated."

Mr. Sterling is obviously clueless about LANL, as his discussion of the Wen Ho Lee case demonstrates. Perhaps he should stick closer to home with his commentary, and inform us about LBNL.
Richard Sterling is clearly a malicious idiot. He knows nothing of LANL or of other DOE labs other than perhaps LBL.

For instance, Wen Ho Lee was NOT a computer programmer, he was a weapons engineer. As far as his case goes, LANL was going to suspend him a year earlier but the FBI wanted to keep him in place hoping to find his outside connections. In the end, the FBI, with assistance from the DOE, screwed up the case the Wen Ho Lee got off. Remember this is the FBI of Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians.

As far as people taking classified material home, that does not happen.
How soon will LANL actually get the word that they are no longer UC employees and what the salary/ benefits package is going to be? How soon can somone tell me how many people are going to retire because of this change? Please post presentation with numbers when available.
09:20 is correct about how the DOE/FBI handled the Lee investigation, and about the reason for leaving him in place for so long. 09:20 is wrong about Lee's job function. Lee was a code developer.
9:20 and 5:43 are probably both right. I would expect that Lee was working with simulation codes, which would put him in both camps and make his access very desirable to the PRC - which is otherwise severely limited in its future warhead enhancement efforts by a lack of real test data and computing power.
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